My Experience With Books

April 25, 2021

girl reading book

I’ve never been a bookworm in my whole life. My family didn’t read much when I was little, and I was already born into the screens. So the contents I consumed started visual and auditory. After I grow a little more, school started. And at school reading was associated with rewards. It was seen as if I read a book, my presentations would be better, I could do my homework better, I would be a better kid. This made me see the book as a task, and it took a very long time - until my freshman year - for that to change.

Reading was a subject I thought about and always felt close to, but never found that will in myself. I didn’t even think that I could read for fun because it sounded like a task. But 3-4 months ago I felt upset and lost. I could not get into an university as well as I imagined. I was not sure of the department I entered and I was confused. So I started reading thinking ‘maybe I’ll find answers about my life’ or at worst, I’ll have fun.

Let me tell you that, it made me feel GREAT!

It felt great to read some really thought-out ideas - even if I didn’t agree with them. Because yes, maybe the contents on social media were also thought-out, but for 1-2 hours or at most for weeks. Books take years to write, and my brain didn’t want to let go of something like this after I tasted it. But everything did not go so easily, of course. As I got used to the rapid flow of information on social media, my hands, brain, and all my reflexes searched for it. Especially Instagram. The videos and photos, they gave so much data to my brain so quickly, that I couldn’t get used to having to read a chapter for a subject to come to a conclusion for a long time.

I realized that when I woke up, my hands were still searching for my phone, social media, and that fast and empty information, so I decided to make reading a habit. Next to my bed, I put a book I read where I normally put my phone. I picked up the book, not the phone, even though I didn’t want it because my hand went there every morning. That worked for me, yet, it still had ups and downs. Some mornings I couldn’t focus on the book, or I slept again accidentally but in the end, my hand searched for the book. I am really happy with the result. This was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Although it has been almost 2 months that I have been reading regularly now, the fact that it has made such a change seems incredible to me.

One of the most important things I learned in these 3 months was to quit when I realized that a book was not for me. Some people may think the opposite, but that doesn’t change the fact that there is an ocean of information waiting for us and we have limited time. Therefore, I both read the book in the order I want and can put that book aside when I don’t like it.

But no matter how you read it, I think getting away from social media and spending time for your own thoughts and reading will have a huge impact on your life.

After I tell you how much reading changed my life, I probably should tell you the books I am reading. But I am still new to reading so I don’t have so many books to talk about, but I am hoping by the end of this year I will. So at the end of 2021, I am going to make an article about them. Wait for it :)

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Written by Zeynep Evecen who is a front-end developer. You should follow her on Twitter